About One Web Directory

Our core values and principles

One Web Directory helps you find local business around the world. One Web Directory is a comprehensive, human-edited local business directory and website directory. All submissions are thoroughly reviewed. As a result, the One Web Directory offers you high quality listings to online business and other websites all over the world. All listings are periodically reviewed to ensure ongoing top quality of the One Web Directory.

The World Wide Web

The internet is growing at stunningly increasing rates. Web and business directories are central foundations of the web despite today’s sophisticated search engines. Web directories like OWD categorize high quality websites and filter out bad and useless sites to help internet users keeping their focus.

Exposure and Backlinks

One Web Directory gives precious exposure to your business or website. You will generate website traffic and sales through direct traffic from One Web Directory. And regarding SEO it is widely known that quality backlinks are the one thing to propel your website to the top results pages of search engine queries. So not only are you getting direct traffic but you are improving your search engine appearance, leading to more organic traffic from search engines, generating even more sales.